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A curated, private, user-first search


We're already a top web search in all 3 areas. Producing the best results is subjective - here are our values. If you think they align with yours, you may prefer our search experience.

Just the results

We have no ads. You don't have to wonder if a search result is influenced by payments, and an ad-free experience minimizes distractions.

We don't influence which links you click using ads or manipulation.

We don't believe in SEO

Our platform is built for the searcher. If you're a website owner, The best way to improve your ranking is to provide high quality, relevant content - not game the system. There's nothing wrong with marketing, but we don't think content should be manipulated to influence page ranking.

Here's the problem with SEO: For every page that rises to the top because of it, another falls. We rank pages based on content instead.

We prioritize high-quality, user-focused resources

Our goal is to give you the best results. This means prioritizing resources that have a good record of factual accuracy, and relevance. Pages that prioritize keyword spam, or are hostile to users are penalized. Pages are penalized for showing spammy or scam advertisements, or distracting from content with popups and unsolicited notifications. We also penalize clickbait articles, and pages that have a high ad-to-content ratio.

Examples of what we show:

We prioritize official pages

If you're searching for a local business, we aim to show the business's website as the top result, over services acting as middlemen between it and customers.


We neither store, nor share your searches, or any other data. We don't use any trackers or cookies. This sounds simple, but many websites fall short here.


For searches that are looking for information, we prioritize free resources over ones behind paywalls. We mark paywalled pages with a 💰. There's nothing wrong with these, but they get in the way of finding what you're looking for. Along these lines, we prefer sites that let you view content without registering.

We respect your time

We've designed this website to be as direct and unobstructive as possible. We will never show notifications, or send automated emails.

Page design

Websites should be fast, and frictionless. We hope to provide immediate access to your results, with no clutter. We want our site to be as fast as possible, so you never see a slowdown, even if on a spotty mobile connection. This means no trackers, no cookies, no heavy scripts, no ads, and a lightweight architecture.

What's the secret sauce?

These are bold claims - How can we provide better, more relevant search results, preserve privacy, and fight SEO? Curation: Our team carefully tunes our search parameters, and how we rank websites based on how well they adhere to our values. This takes more work than using an impartial algorithm, but the results are worth it.

Here are a few of the techniques we use:

Thank you

We couldn't have made this without the help of high-quality resources that help make the internet a better place. These include: